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Happy Anniversary Ashley & Blake Peden

One year ago today, we were coordinating this sweet couples wedding and reception at The Ivy Venue in Flowood, MS. Charlotte Stringer was the photographer and she beautifully captured the best "First Look" moment we've ever seen! This precious moment between Ashley and Blake pretty much went viral!

From day one of planning, Ashley had a very good idea of what she wanted and that included incorporating a certain shade of teal blue with white hydrangea's and pink roses. Funny moment with Ashley was when she whipped out a picture, looked at me, and said "I want this hair. Make sure I have a hair person who can give me this look!" I laughed because ironically enough it was a former client and I knew just who to call to get Ashley the same hair for her wedding day. On the day of the wedding, Ashley got her overly perfect hair with one of most favorite photographers to capture it, but most importantly, she finally got her groom! This couple and their families are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. We were honored to coordinate and help plan your wedding day. I hope you have #stellabrated just as well today on your first anniversary!

Here is a peek at their day:

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