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Andrea & Chris

We first met Andrea following the Premier Bride show last January and quickly began helping her plan her May wedding. Honestly, it was a miracle that we were available as we had events every single weekend in April, May, and June and May 2nd was the only "off weekend!" However, I am SO GLAD that we were available and got to meet this lovely lady! It's funny how things come full circle... I met Chris' daughter (Andrea's now step-daughter) Jane several years ago at Ole Miss through many mutual friends. I had to drop something off the week of the wedding at Andrea's house and quickly realized she lived four houses down from the Hudson's, whose birthday party I have coordinated the past two years and Andrea proceeded to tell me how much they loved watching the party, etc. Jackson is a big small town and I love when we meet clients who have so many friends in common with us or our clients.. it makes it that much more fun!

Andrea had one of the funniest bridal parties we've ever had. As I sat in the holding room with her and her girls waiting on the church director to come get them, I couldn't help but just giggle with them. They made the day perfect.

The ceremony was held at the amazingly gorgeous St. Peter's Cathedral and Andrea held her little boy, Nicholas' hand, as her dad walked her down the aisle. Her dress, veil, hair, and the church were all so stately. It was perfection.

The reception was held at the Old Capitol Inn and guests danced to the tunes of the Patrick Harkins Band. The food was scrumptious, as Chef Bruce's food always is! The tables were adorned in lavender and silver toned linens with florals in soft white, lavender, pink, and peach! Andrea's cake hung at the back of the ballroom with beautiful white drapery behind it. I don't think there a single thing about this wedding that we would change. It truly was a beautiful day with a bride and groom who were both stunningly beautiful, gracious, and in love!

Happy Anniversary Andrea and Chris!

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