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Megan & Noah Miller

A little over a year ago, we had the pleasure of designing and coordinating this wedding weekend for Megan Upchurch and Noah Miller. In true fashion, we have fallen behind on our blogging and didn't give them an anniversary shout out! This lovely wedding was featured in Premier Bride this past Fall, and for good reasons! First being because of the lovely couple and subject matter, second being because Chase of Followell Fotography shot incredible images of the event, and third because Megan truly trusted her team of vendors to curate an event that reflected her style which is very "preppy and J. Crew!"

We also had the opportunity of coordinating their lovely rehearsal dinner at The Manship restaurant and used a touch of navy with some fun pattern! Guests found their seat at their assigned table in a kraft paper pocket with a piece of paper with their name on it sticking out of the top of the pocket. When they pulled the piece with their name on it out of the pocket, they had a copy of the wedding day timeline for the next day. On the front of the kraft pocket, each entree pre-selection was printed for that guest to help the wait staff know who received which entree. Here is a glimpse at the Rehearsal Dinner:

Here are a few of our non-professional photographer photos of the wedding reception! We loved the bold stripes at the reception mixed with various shades of pink flowers. The only direcetion Megan gave us was that her bridesmaid dresses were black and she wanted a daytime wedding. We designed her design board based off of bold black and white stripes to marry the black bridesmaids dresses and her white gown and the rest is history. It was a fantastic and sassy late afternoon reception at The South! Mississippi Native Wyatt Waters also live painted the first dance scene through out the reception.. that was such a wow factor!

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