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Thursday Tip : Using a Travel Agent

Planning a wedding is enough stress, and yes the groom should plan the honeymoon, but let’s be honest - he’s likely going to need a LOT of input from you and you're just not going to have the time to give it the attention it needs. Have you ever thought about a travel agent?

Travel agents will take the stress out of planning a honeymoon, a lot like we take the stress out of planning a wedding! You want to go and experience a destination - be immersed in the country's food and culture, enjoy off-the-beaten-path finds, and details that will make your honeymoon memorable!

With a little help from Perfect Honeymoons, here are the three "P"'s of honeymoon planning:

Procrastination: Looked but not booked!

You have just about everything for your wedding planned and under deposit. Your wedding is one day and your honeymoon is one week or longer and it’s not booked! Why not? There is so much procrastination on booking your honeymoon because you are busy at work, too tired to research the endless options on the internet, and you are getting stressed and overwhelmed by all of the places and prices. Stop trying to handle all of this on your own and contact a travel agent to help!

Priority: She wants a perfect 10!

When couples are asked to rate the importance of their honeymoon trip vs. another vacation, women prioritize it as either a 9 or 10, thus making it one of the most memorable trips they ever wish to take. Men, however, usually rate the priority of this trip between a 4-7 because it’s “just a vacation”. The women are right! Your honeymoon is NOT your family vacation, spring break or summer vacation. Your memorable honeymoon takes more care and time to plan in advance. If you’ve never met with a travel consultant before, this is the one time you need our services!

Pricing: Good taste requires good budget!

Your taste and style typically overstep your budget. The average couple spends $8,000 for their honeymoon. The typical cost of a honeymoon trip for ranges from $5000 to $30,000.

You need a budget to match your taste. Remember, this is not the time to cut corners. Even if your wedding is costing more than expected (and it usually will), don’t be tempted to deduct from your honeymoon budget. A perfect honeymoon is an investment in the start of your life together…just the two of you. No family. No friends. No work. No housekeeping. Just precious time alone in a beautiful setting where everything is taken care of for you.


Lucky for us - we have a handful of travel agents right here in the Jackson-Metro area! Local agent, Jill Heirs of Custom Travel Professionals says it best when describing her process: "When I am booking a trip for my clients, I often refer to Ernest Hemingway's quote 'What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?' This helps to remind people that sometimes you have to go outside of your comfort zone in order to experience everything the world has to offer."

Local Travel Agencies:

Avanti Travel | Jackson, MS |

McGehee Cruise | Highland Village, Jackson, MS | 601-981-7070 |

Travel Planners, LLC | Flowood, MS | (601)714-1959 |

Custom Travel Professionals | Clinton, MS | (888) 220-0915

There's a difference between price and value - let someone else do the planning and use these valuable moments away to truly begin your life and Mr. and Mrs!

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