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Cinco de Derby Cocktail

When Cinco De Mayo and the Kentucky Derby fall on the same weekend, what cocktail do you drink?! We say grab a festive double old fashion (to bring the fiesta element to your cocktail) and your favorite Kentucky bourbon to use in a modified "Mint Julep!" This is a favorite weekend beverage on our screened porch and I can promise you we'll sip on one to celebrate the race tomorrow, whether we bet on the right horse or not! Find the ingredients and simple recipe below! 


- 1 whiskey sphere or 4oz crushed ice 

- Your preferred Kentucky bourbon 

- Mint Leaves

-  Lipton Diet Green Tea (Citrus or Berry) 


Pour one shot of bourbon over ice. Pour in 4oz of diet green tea, or proportion to your liking! Garnish with fresh mint leaves and stir together! 

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