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Hannah & Will

Well, once again we are a day (or three!) late and a dollar short! I knew this past Monday was Hannah & Will Ivison's one year anniversary but I just couldn't find time to get to the computer to reminisce about their gorgeous May 15, 2015 wedding at St. Andrew's Episcopal Cathedral and reception at The South! I've known Hannah through different social groups for a long time and was so excited when she asked me to be her planner... she had several options, and one was even in her wedding party! So flattering that she asked me.

We met about details of her wedding on several occasions and Hannah always knew exactly what she wanted or already had it planned.. she just needed a little bit of our guidance to pull it all together! She had a custom monogram drawn that we would use throughout her wedding from the Welcome Box labels we printed to the projection of it behind the band! She quickly chose her bridesmaid dresses at The Bridal Path and they were a soft lavendar with a tiny beaded belt around the waist line. This was definitely Hannah's personality-- soft, but a tiny bit of bling! That bridesmaid dress color became our inspiration for the reception! After meeting with Wendy of Fresh Cut, we had ordered specific linens tailored to this color and selected flowers that were in the same color family. One of the other details Hannah was specific on was her wedding invitation. We LOVED these simple, gorgeous, yet forever classic invitations!

Will loves the Chicago Cubs and for his bachelor party, he and his boys attended a game. Hannah and I worked to make his grooms area like a swanky old Chicago dive. The South thankfully already has the old furniture and brick walls to give us the Old World theme, from there we had Fresh Cut hang white drapery on either side of his cake and place white sofas in the lounge area. Back behind his cake, we had the "Ballpark Popcorn Bar" that served as our party favor. We had the famous Garrett's popcorn flown in for guest to bag up and add toppings to their liking and take home. Yes, we even had the caramel and cheese "Chicago" blend! Famous Chicago Cubs games were playing in black and white on a TV in the lounge area and the bourbon bar was located next to this area! The Cake Diva constructed the grooms cake which was a replica of Wrigley Field and even had a score board that lit up on the cake! It was simply amazing! Another surprise for Will was the couple's first dance when Hannah secretly hired one of their favorite artists to come in and sing their favorite song by him! It was so exciting! Here are details of the "Cubs Lounge!":

Hannah's cake was S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G. and that is all there is to it! The Cake Diva created the custom monogram out of pearls and placed on the front of the smooth icing cake. The light lavendar roses were placed between each layer and THEN, a collar of mixed ivory roses adorned the edge of the 60" round table with a glitzy lace linen. It was the most beautiful brides cake at a wedding we have EVER planned or coordinated. Hands down.

Purple uplighting filled the old brick walls on the perimeter of the room and strategic pin spotting was used on large arrangements and the cakes. Hannah trusted Wendy of Fresh Cut to hang a very cool and modern "wave" across the dance floor that also incorporated hanging floral pieces. Here are a few pictures of the details described above as well as a few others at the reception!:

Beth Morgan beautifully photographed the event and Revival House captured it all on video. Shown, are a mix of our snapshots as well as photos by Beth Morgan Photography! Happy Anniversary, Hannah and Will!

I also just want to share these sweet moments between the bride and mother of the bride! They are best friends and I loved seeing Hannah help her mom get dressed just as her mom did for her!

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