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Trendy Tuesday: Wedding Snapchat Filters

Weddings today are dynamic and there are many parts of a planning list to make sure they have been tediously planned to keep things organized. One of those parts on modern wedding "to do lists" is social media and branding. "Can you help me get a monogram and use it through out my wedding?," is one of the first questions I am frequently asked. We often do this, but that leads into a conversation of how this particular client wants their wedding to be "branded." Many years ago, we might just use the custom design on the koozies, a monogram on napkins on the brides cake table, and MAYBE a projected monogram behind the band or on the dance floor. Now, those things have become the "norm" and are built into budgets without question as to whether we will splurge on those items. In fact, the branding of a wedding has expanded to custom acrylic cups, beverage stirrers, napkins with a design specific for the grooms table or the bar, hotel welcome boxes, pom poms for a leave, the bottom of photo strips in the photo booth, and so much more. Two years (or so) ago, the wedding hashtag came along. From the moment you got engaged, you better have a creative, yet easy to remember and spell, hashtag that you used on all of your social media posts until the night of the wedding. And of course that hashtag is framed and placed in key places at your wedding to remind guests to use it! The hashtag is great for keeping up with pictures guests posts from your events, but for those who aren't at the event, it's a marketing and branding element they pick up on through out your engagement and helps them follow your event as well!

So what is the latest trend in wedding branding? SNAPCHAT FILTERS! In the world of selfies, the hashtags aren't going anywhere any time soon, but reminders to use the creative Snapchat filters will be added to the framed hashtag sign at weddings! We love this trend and have already seen it used many times at our events since January! Here is any example of one from our event this past Saturday!

Snapchat filters are relatively simple to create or purchase. Snapchat lists the simple guidelines to submitting and creating your custom filter on their website and the fee is very minimal. You can find that here:

And here are a few links to our top websites for purchasing a custom geofilter!:

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